hi, i'm scared people will find this

(as a side note, this is not the final version of this site that i will stick with and is defo not mobile friendly, bare with me as i'm only just getting back into HTML and dont know much!!!!!!)


about me :>
h o m e
dreams :>




a 'brief' introduction

Hi!!! I'm!!! Mai!!!
(that isn't my actual name, just a shortened version)
I'm a 15 year old girl from England.
This website will purely be documentaion of my life and how far i have come since now, at 15:44pm on the 16th of july, 2020.
If someone from my school finds this, i'll fwejasihewfhdjeksawwu~
(edit-21/07/2020) as a little teensy bit more context: being groomed and having strict parents do not mix. as of now, i don't even have the camera on my phone because my mum blocks apps on my phone, and i can't facetime/ call people in my room. even writing this, i cant use my laptop upstairs and have to make sure my parents have an easy view of my laptop. but they don't look at it enough so i can still use discord to talk to my friends.
(edit- 16/11/2020) I'm not dead, i just couldn't update for a while. i missed this.
(edit-06/01/2021) I wanna try and update more :> so the site is going under renovations.